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I’m worried that the music and dancing obfuscates the the message.  

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This may be the best and most uncomfortable moment in my life.  

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More from Mike Stebbins has a Motorcycle!  

We got this dumb helicopter with a gopro on it for a dramatic final shot.  You can hear me egging on Scott to fly it as high as he could.  It went so high, that I lost sight of it.  Scott could still see it and tried to follow it.

Then, a propellor came off.   You can see it in the footage of the show if you go frame by frame.  It spun out of control over the very busy Van Nuys park and out of all the soccer fields, playgrounds and preschool co-op, it landed in an abandoned, fenced off field.  

Pretty lucky.  Although we did take 6th place, so maybe we should have injured someone.  That feels like a first place show.  

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So me and a bunch of Mikes made a dumb show called “Mike Stebbins has a Motorcycle” for Channel 101.  It predictably came in 6th place because half of the 101 audience doesn’t understand how ill-informed they are about art and story structure.  That’s a science fact. 

But beyond grapes of various sourness, I’m always struck by how much damn fun the actual shoots are.  Here’s a quick example:

Okay, so we’re shooting the devil scene for the show, and I have this shitty $8 half mask that I’m getting our actor Nic to wear.  As we’re filming, this odd dude with a metal pipe cane starts walking up to us and watching what we’re doing.  You can see him in the glasses in that first shot.  He walks up to me and there’s something really weird and off about the way he looks.  It’s unnerving and he’s talking to me in broken English, asking me what we’re doing.   I can’t tell if this is some sort of punk’d deal or if he’s just part of the charm of Van Nuys, but either way you can see every one smiling and me formulating a way to ask him to be a part of the show.  

Then he says, “Hold my sunglasses.”  And then PEEL!  He peels off his friggin face!  It’s one of those life like masks and it’s a Latino dude suddenly!  He’s smiling and saying hello, still in broken English, and I’m like “What the HELL is going on?”

It turns out, we’re around the corner from the mask shop.  The dude is working the weekend, airbrushing masks for his boss and saw us working.  We take a tour of his shop and lo, and behold, they have this kick ass Lucifer mask.  We ask if we could borrow it for the shoot and he’s 100% on board.  We shot for about 90 minutes with good sport Nic in the sweat mask, and increase our production value by about 10,000%.  

I dunno.  I was a little bummed by taking 6th, but I’ve also made shows that have made me absolutely miserable shooting.  To me, at this stage in my life and at 101, I don’t care that much about winning, I just want to enjoy the process.  That sounds like loser talk, and maybe it is.  But look at those goddamn pictures and tell me that doesn’t look fun!

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I keep screwing around with The Halo Minute channel that we built 6 years ago then abandoned.  Making these are sort of like batting practice, it’s fun, dumb and fun.  Check out this narrative journey with Darkstar25.  

Subscribe it you like candy.  

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This is gonna seriously fuck some shit up.

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The Halo Minute’s 100th video.  

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Can we all just ruminate for a moment on the busy and and vibrant life of Minnie Driver?

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Since we’ve just finished award season, I guess this is as good a time as any to post this.  This is me, hosting the 2013 Channel 101, Incredibly Prestigious Awards Show.  It was an ass-kicking good time that featured me working said ass off for 2 months before hand, singing, playing piano, naming all 44 shows screened that year in alphabetical order, displaying about 30 cardboard animals that I made and painted myself, drinking about 1/4 bottle of vodka onstage and (much to my shock) winning 3 awards during the course of the night.  

There’s 3 major moments of my life that are spectacular: getting married and the birth of my two sons. But once we clear those away, this easily jumps into the top 10.  It was me, with almost every talent (I didn’t juggle!) and certainly every comedic neuron on display.  20 plus years of performance skills blasting through a 2 1/2 hour (which was about an hour shorter than the previous year’s show) funnel at 250 people who have been my friends at Channel 101 for the last 9 years.  It was one of those nights.  A night that you don’t forget (although time did shift quite a bit when I was playing my “Skyfall” parody song.  It seemed like it was over in about 8 seconds…because vodka.), and hopefully others also never forget.

My opportunities to host the Oscars are slowly dipping in the low, low percentages.  But that’s okay, because I hosted the better awards ceremony already.  And to sum up how I felt that night afterward, I think I’ll quote Walter White:

"I won."

BTW, the 15:00 mark is my big Lion King homage is awesome.  the 1:48:00 mark is where I try to play the Skyfall song in the dark, very, very buzzed.  It’s a train wreck, but a delightful train wreck.  

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They said that this week we’re getting more rain than we’ve had in 2 year.  

I remember that storm.  

We shot Oh, Shit #3 in that rain storm.  We thought it would be fun/funny to shoot in a continuing, cold, drenching downpour. 

Not so much.  

We shot 90 minutes in this weather, then found out that we lost exactly 90 minutes of that footage.  So we had to get everyone back out into that weather to shoot it again.  

We spent 6 hours in that.  Me and Mansewitsch were shivering by then.  It was a terrible, terrible decision.  But it’s all on screen, so there you go.