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Star Trek Continues.  This homage series is the fucking shit.  If you don’t like it, then you’re probably dumb.  It gets every light, set piece, costume, prop, special effect and music cue exactly right.  And this Vic Mignona is almost as good a James T. Kirk as I am.  Almost.  For fuck’s sake, that’s James Doohan’s SON playing the role of Scotty.  You can’t beat that.

This is the reverse side of the TOS episode “Mirror, Mirror,”  The acting is about a “B+” while the story hits it at a solid B for effort.  

Kirk’s speech to Mirror universe Spock is my all time favorite.  The bench mark on this one is the fact they copied it down to the SECOND.  

See for yourself:

If you’re dumb, you will deride this.  But you’re not dumb, because you’ve subscribed to me on this dumb website that thinks that subtracting vowels adds character (spoiler from the future: it doesn’t and all these sites will look stupid).  I’m not telling you to watch this, even though I’ve devoted years of my life to this series which the best choice of any human.  You’re big boys and girls who have big lives. But the next time people try to make fun of this, you double fist punch them to set them straight.  

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Mondays, amirite?!!

Mondays, amirite?!!

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C’mon in………..

C’mon in………..

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I’ve just closed the book on GIFs, motherfuckers.

I’ve just closed the book on GIFs, motherfuckers.

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The End of Sherman Oaks Studios.

Our landlords decided to sell the house we we’ve been renting for the past 4 years.  From a husband and father standpoint, it sucks, because it was a great house that became a home for my two boys.  It also sucks because rent is really high right now and we had to get a place that is not as nice, but about 25% more expensive.  Welcome LA, huh?

From a career standpoint, it hurts a lot as well.  This garage became my little studio over these last four years.  I shot a TON of stuff, including…

  • The Beautiful Adventurer
  • The Combination
  • Fireball 27
  • Honkers
  • Everything
  • Gardening Warz
  • Oh, Shit (all 10 episodes!)
  • #Fartz
  • Awesomeness videos
  • Skyfall

It’s a huge amount of shows for Channel 101 and beyond.  It was a great space for cast and crew - we had a fridge that was always stocked with sodas - and it was in my backyard so that my kids could see the magic/voodoo that I was doing.  And the shows that I created have propelled me and Manasewitch (as well as Pluimer and others) to the ‘real world,’ where I’m pitching networks ideas that started in this garage.  

Our new place has a kind of shitty garage, so I’m not sure where my next lab will be.  But instead of mourning the loss of this little oasis of creativity, I’ll post it here and celebrate all the amazing people who stopped by to add on to the madness.  The studio is closing, but the passion and friendships brokered there aren’t leaving anytime soon.

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I can’t remember if I posted this before, but Mike Manasewitch asked about it so here it is.  This is from my 2007 rejected pilot “Reaction Shot Park”  It’s a pretty self explanatory, but that didn’t stop me from coming up with 4 shitty minutes and one real fun on at the end.  So that’s what you’re seeing here. Only the good stuff for my Homies!

This has Justin Roiland, Kelsey Abbott, Scott Chernoff, Ben Pluimer, Jason Makiaris, Dean Pelton, James Atkinson and Melinda Hill.  Of note is the fact that they’re all infinitely more famous or important than I am now.  7 years poorly spent, I guess!

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This is a clip from The Living Theatre’s production called The Brig.  It was a play in 1965 that they ended up filming the final (and illegal since they were kicked out of the theatre!) performance.  It’s just a day in the life of Marine prisoners in a Brig.  There’s no real narrative, and the dialogue is mostly overlapping.  But I remember watching it in theatre class and it was intense and riveting.  At the end of the day (which for this show’s purposes is about 20 minutes), one of the prisoners just breaks down and sobs.  We don’t know who he is, why he’s there, but as they scream at him and eventually carry him away, you can’t help by ache for him.  The one glimpse of humanity is instantly punished and removed from our sight.  Powerful.

I have no idea if the whole short is available anywhere, but it’s definitely worth a watch if you dabble in theatre, TV/Film, or the human condition.

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Eat it suckas, I was in on the ground floor, 33 years ago!   HAHAHA!  AGING = WINNING!!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

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Someone recently questioned whether I was really a good person, or whether or not everything I do is just an act.  No, seriously, they did.  It was a weird conversation that stuck in my head because I’ve never had my character questioned like that.

This is me acting good (well), playing the character Charlie Brown in a stage reading of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” at Lamb’s Player’s Theatre in San Diego.  I first played the role 14 years ago there.  I came back to this, because I loved the role, the theatre and the cast.  Jeff Miller, the guy on the far right, was the minister at my wedding.  His wife, Mary, is next to him.  It’s a family down there at Lamb’s and I spent 6 years acting in their company.  Going back was like a family reunion.  Everyone was happy to see me (us), even after 14 years.

At the end of the show, Lucy (played by Mary), turns to Charlie Brown (me).  She sizes me up and then without a hint of sarcasm proclaims, “You’re a good man, Charlie Brown.”  14 years ago, it was a nice phrase to end the show.  But now, as I looked out at my wife and 2 kids, as Mary delivered the lines to my character, I felt like they were meant for me, Mike McCafferty.  It felt like that little bit of life validation that we all yearn for.  That what we do has value.  The moment was literally staged, but the result was far deeper than intended.  In that moment, I felt like a good man.

So this is a little bit of a mixed rebuttal to that person and his assumptions of my duplicitousness.  Yes, I do act like I’m a good man…on stage.  

But am I a good man in real life?  Yes.  How do I know? 

Musical Theatre.  It’s never wrong.

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I’m worried that the music and dancing obfuscates the the message.